Luxury furniture makers, LINLEY, present the Alba Collection – luxury deco made modern


Founded by David Linley in 1985, LINLEY creates bespoke furniture, luxury gifts and accessories, and interior design that showcase the finest British design. In this film, we meet Founder and Chairman David Linley who introduces us to his design team, and we get a sense of the intricacy of the marquetry and craftsmanship for which the company is so well known.  LINLEY has introduced several pieces of unique furniture, showcasing their exceptional marquetry and pedigree in interior design. Called the Alba collection, these pieces explore a modern interpretation of Luxury Deco and are embellished with geometric patterns morphing into straight grain, featuring ornate jasmine flowers crafted from mother of pearl. The jasmine flowers, which symbolise love, purity and good luck, seemingly grow and wind across the panels, juxtaposing with the sharper geometrics, relaxing the angular pieces and creating a fluid environment.


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