Wim Ouboter


Written and produced by Rob McGibbon

Few people can claim to have created something that genuinely changed the world, but Swiss inventor Wim Ouboter is one such man. In 1997, he risked everything on a dream to re-imagine the age-old toy scooter into a serious mode of modern transport. His iconic foldable aluminium Micro Scooter was born and it became a sensation that made his fortune.

In this film, Ouboter talks about the lightbulb moment that led to his invention and the huge challenges he overcame to turn his simple idea into a global phenomenon that transformed the way people of all ages get around. Now lauded as a micro mobility visionary, Ouboter has launched an ultra compact electric car called the Microlino, the 21st century answer to the front-opening Isetta bubble car of the 1950s. His grand plan is for it to trigger a new chapter in urban transport that will help fight climate change.

“We must downsize urgently and make our personal transport greener to help save the planet – because there is no Planet B,” says Ouboter.


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