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A Letter From Our Managing Director, Fiona Sanderson

This month, The Luxury Channel focusses its attention on the plight of Africa’s endangered species, particularly the Lion, Elephant and Rhino. With numbers of these magnificent creatures being decimated by illegal poaching at a frightening rate, we lend our support to the Born Free Foundation and to those individuals who are working tirelessly to protect them. We invite you to join us….


As guests of Land Rover and the Born Free Foundation, we went to Meru National Park, to witness one of the biggest threats to Kenya’s decimated lion population – click here to find out more. We speak to Virginia McKenna and Will Travers about the work they are undertaking alongside the Kenya Wildlife Service with their new anti-snaring programme, and pay our respects to one of the most famous lions in the world, Elsa the lioness.

(Image courtesy of Born Free Foundation)

(Image courtesy of Born Free Foundation)

The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow has produced a short and harrowing film, called The Last Days, to highlight the plight of elephants and the bloody ivory trail. Her campaign shows a very real link between species extinction and global terrorism. Click here to see the film and find out more.

Last Days

Jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas was deeply touched when she first travelled to Addis Ababa, and she explains if you click here why giving something back is more than just a business venture. Meanwhile, Ethiopian supermodel Liya Kebede feels a deep connection to the cause of Born Free Africa, and she explains why to Britt Collins. Click here to find out more.

Tusk Award Winner

As Royal Patron of Tusk Trust, HRH The Duke of Cambridge presented awards to two leading conservationists in recognition of their lifetime commitment and work in Africa. Click to read the article and to see the video. We also uncover how “humble luxe” is not just a buzz word but is actually making a difference, particularly in Africa – read how by clicking here.

Image courtesy of Kering and Ethical Fashion Initiative. Photo credit - Tahir Karmali)

Image courtesy of Kering and Ethical Fashion Initiative. Photo credit – Tahir Karmali)

Finally, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with travel specialistsTim Best Direct, who create bespoke travel packages and individual itineraries. Discover the real heart of Africa and let the adventure begin! Find out more by clicking here.


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