Will Travers talks life at the frontline of conservation


“I would never have believed it in 1984 – when I co-founded what was to become The Born Free Foundation with my mother, Dame Virginia McKenna, and my late father, Bill Travers – that we would be on the verge of recognising our 40th anniversary.  Forty years of working for wild animals in need and, increasingly, the communities who share their lives with wild animals.  On top of that, we have successfully campaigned to end the international ivory trade, the keeping of dolphins in captivity in the UK, the use of wild animals in circuses in the UK, and so much more.  We could not have done it without the efforts of our Born Free teams in the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and around the world, together with the millions of people who share our values – focussing on compassionate conservation and care for the individual.

Time is of the essence and doing nothing is not an option.  So, if you care as we do, and want to secure a better future for the natural world and our fellow passengers on this fragile planet of ours, then join the Born Free Family and be part of the change we wish to see.”

  • Will Travers OBE, Executive President and Co-Founder of Born Free



Interview by Philip Cayford

Filmed by John Bonham Carter

Produced by Fiona Sanderson

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