How the world’s most remote robot is automating a reforestation project in the heart of the Amazon rainforest


A pilot project between ABB Robotics and non-profit organisation Junglekeepers is demonstrating the role that Cloud technology can play in conservation and reforestation projects in some of the remotest locations on earth.

ABB Robotics is supporting Junglekeepers in their mission to protect 55,000 acres of Amazon rainforest and reverse deforestation. In a first-of-its-kind program, ABB’s robot – called “YuMi” – automates planting tasks in the heart of the jungle, significantly speeding up the process and allowing Junglekeepers’ rangers to focus their valuable time and resources on more impactful work.

In a jungle laboratory located in a remote region of the Peruvian Amazon, YuMi can automate essential tasks in the seed planting process – usually an entirely manual effort. The robot digs a hole in the soil, drops the seed in, compacts the soil on top and then marks it with a colour-coded tag. Capable of planting 640 seeds in a morning, YuMi enables Junglekeepers to replant an area the size of two football fields every day in zones requiring reforestation.

Through ABB RobotStudio Cloud technology, ABB Robotics experts simulate, refine and deploy the programming required for YuMi’s tasks in the jungle from 12,000 kms away in Västerås, Sweden – enabling the world’s most remote robot.

For more information about ABB Robotics, click here and for more information about Junglekeepers, click here.

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