Escape to Svart Spa & Wellness Clinic – the world’s first energy positive hotel


Image above courtesy of Miris

The world’s first energy positive hotel – the Svart Spa & Wellness Clinic in Norway – has unveiled its ground-breaking, Nordic-inspired spa and wellness offering. Located within the Arctic Circle, the Clinic is set to pioneer a new age of responsible wellness adventure travel.

Taking individuals on a journey to ‘‘Climatise, Condition and Evolve,’’ bespoke programmes will target the mind, body and skin. Treatments will range from massages and facials using 100% locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients and indigenous Nordic elements, to sound-healing, reflexology, cryotherapy and transformative nutrition coaching incorporating cutting-edge wearable technology.

Upon arrival, guests will have a one-to-one consultation with the expert Spa team and resident health concierge to discuss and select a unique programme of therapies, services and supplements. The treatment plan will be individually tailored to support and enhance the outdoor activities guests wish to pursue during their stay and there will be plenty of exhilarating active experiences to enjoy year-round, from ice climbing on the glacier to practicing yoga in the midnight sun. Home to some of the rarest flora and fauna species in the world, fishing and foraging will also be on offer.

Svart Spa & Wellness Clinic (image courtesy of Snøhetta Plompmozes and Miris)

Each bespoke programme will formulate a three-part conditioning series:

Climatise: The purpose of this stage will be to prepare the skin for the external conditions ahead, to ready the body for the adventure that awaits, and to adjust the individual’s mental state to the current surroundings and environment.

Condition: The second stage will aim to monitor and aid skin changes with additional sustenance, to relieve the body of new tensions resulting from the chosen adventures, and to enhance mental wellbeing.

Evolve: The final stage will focus on energising the skin to boost optimum condition, to reward the body for its exertions, and to encapsulate the mind in the present achievements.

Svart Spa & Wellness Clinic (image courtesy of Snøhetta Plompmozes and Miris)

More than ever before, consumers are predicted to value and seek sustainable travel which incorporates health awareness, mindfulness and wellness, and Svart will aim to offer travellers a new means of conscious escapism. From the cutting-edge spa and adventurous activities offering – which will target both physical and mental wellbeing – to the nutritional-focused dining offering, wellness will flow through every element of the hotel. Svart will also be the world’s first energy positive hotel, meaning that it will produce more energy than it uses. The aim is for it to be fully off-grid, carbon neutral and zero waste within the first five years of operation.

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