Randle Siddeley


Very few of us can claim to have made the world a more beautiful and more magical place. Randle Siddeley, acclaimed and celebrated landscape designer, is one of the few who can. For over forty years, Randle has been transforming the commonplace into the most wonderful of dreamscapes, from the humblest of city gardens to the finest of country estates. His vision enables him to transform even the most mundane outdoor spaces into beautiful, flowering havens the world over.

[Images of John Siddeley © National Portrait Gallery, London.  Images of interiors by John Siddeley and David Hicks from “Interior Views: Design at Its Best” by Erica Brown, 1980, with photography by Michael Dunne.  The Luxury Channel is grateful to the following for permission to reproduce photographs in this film: Georgina Viney, Urbis Limited, Go Big Pictures, and Randle Siddeley Limited.]


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