The wow factor – on an island filled with incredible restaurants, Ibiza’s House of Wow has just raised the bar


By Scott Manson

Nestled within the beating heart of Ibiza – a Balearic gem of an island that dances to the rhythm of waves by day and the pulse of the party by night – is a dining experience that pushes the pleasure buttons of your senses and elevates the gastronomic scene of the White Isle. House of Wow, as it’s aptly christened, is not merely a restaurant; it’s a tapestry of culinary innovation woven with the threads of Ibizan charm.


From the moment you step through its grand entrance, House of Wow unfolds as a theatre of flavour and flair. The setting is a masterful blend of sophistication and whimsy, where the décor – a chic bohemian rhapsody – complements the comfort food approach to fine dining. Think high ceilings hung with fabulous foliage, walls wound open to let the outside in and the pervasive sense of Mediterranean luxe inviting diners into a world where it’s about experience as much as it’s about eating.

The menu, created by head chef Cristina Gledson (ex-Pied à Terre), mixes the unusual with the familiar to great effect – and at a price point that means it’s not out of reach for locals. The dishes are written up in that humble, simple style so beloved of high-end restaurants still in touch with their rustic roots. For example, our starter of warm burrata, tomato pesto and homemade focaccia may sound basic but, in the hands of the Wow crew, it was transformed into a beautiful, more-ish and very generous portion of pearly tanginess, sharpened by a deep tomato flavour, with plenty of fresh-baked bread for sauce mopping.

A tip of the hat here, too, for the brilliant rosé wine recommendation from our knowledgeable sommelier. Our somewhat cryptic request of “pale, dry and surprising” was perfectly met with a bottle (okay, two) of Château Peyrassol Rosé – a crisp, fruity affair with a delicate herbal character. It remained the best bottle of rosé we drank throughout our trip.

Also on the table was the umami-kick of a mac and cheese, punched up with a rich beef cheek topping. Plus a prawn cocktail with a deconstructed feel – and boasting huge juicy prawns that saw us ending up doing that polite last bite dance – “no really, you have it, honestly” – when everyone at the table was hankering for the final crustacean. Note to self: next time, order two of these.

Main courses weaved a story of the island’s bounty and the chef’s ingenuity. The Ibicenco chicken thigh lay gently on a bed of creamy mash potato, while the katsu sando, a pastrami sandwich with pickles, Parmesan, and truffle mayo, merged Japanese and New York deli inspirations. There’s simplicity in the vegetarian offering – a plate of rice with seasonal vegetables – and indulgence in the smash burger, featuring dry-aged cheddar, bacon, and a secret sauce so good that I’m determined to discover the recipe. The showstopper, though, was a magnificent beef sirloin Rubia Gallega, a breed of cattle native to the north-west of Spain, drenched in Café París sauce and paired with potato parmentier.

As night swathed Ibiza in her velvety cloak, the House of Wow’s mixologists crafted us cocktails that were as much a visual feast as they were a delight to sip, while the wait staff navigated the fine line between attentive and unobtrusive with a grace that seemed almost choreographed.

When the evening wound down and we stepped out of House of Wow’s embrace, the air felt different – charged with the memory of flavours, the echo of laughter, and the promise of a return. For in Ibiza, where the extraordinary is the norm, this restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, a testament to the island’s endless capacity to surprise and delight.

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