David Yarrow is changing lanes with an all-new exhibition at London’s Maddox Gallery


Image above – 1992, by David Yarrow (image courtesy of Maddox Gallery)

One of the most collectable contemporary photographers of his generation, David Yarrow has long been known as a pioneer of fine art photography, and is known for visiting isolated locations to capture the sublime beauty of the natural world. His dramatic and highly evocative images fuse the knowledgeable approach of David Attenborough with Ridley Scott’s visual drama, and the exquisite composition of Ansel Adams.

‘Changing Lanes’ marks this shift in focus and David’s latest work plays with cultural iconography, transcending borders and taking viewers beyond to a world where natural beauty, history and cinematic drama collide.

Fargo, by David Yarrow (image courtesy of Maddox Gallery)

Opening at London’s Maddox Gallery, Yarrow is presenting a combination of his most iconic shots alongside a series of new photographs captured throughout the pandemic, in an exhibition called Changing Lanes. An homage to the very best in dramatic cinema, many of the featured images were inspired by Hollywood hits – from American Beauty and Fargo, to Thelma & Louise and Bonnie and Clyde. The exhibition takes Yarrow’s signature storytelling to a new level with an array of icons, including Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Ciara and Russell Wilson.

The Final Frontier, by David Yarrow (image courtesy of Maddox Gallery)

Changing Lanes marks a shift in Yarrow’s focus from the art of capturing the natural world to the power of visual storytelling. With all featured images of the wild punctuated by the narrative of the mythical cowboy or the final frontier, these latest works play with cultural iconography, transporting viewers beyond to a world where sublime natural beauty, history and cinematic drama collide.

Aces and Eights, by David Yarrow (image courtesy of Maddox Gallery)

On creating the work on show for Changing Lanes, Yarrow commented that “storytelling, whether behind the scenes or within the photograph itself, has always been a vital component to my work and Changing Lanes is representative of that. There are so many photographs that I’ve taken in the last year that I don’t think I could have made a couple of years ago. I have always fought for my work with wildlife to offer a little more, but in many ways, my latest images have been even more of a challenge, because the stakes are much higher. There are so many moving parts, multiple characters and so many talented people not to let down; it’s a style of photography that I’ve found to be so exciting.”

Smooth Criminals, by David Yarrow (image courtesy of Maddox Gallery)

For more information about David Yarrow, go to www.davidyarrow.photography. Changing Lanes will be available to view from 19th of November 2021 to 5th of January 2022 at Maddox Gallery, 112 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RU, as well as online at www.maddoxgallery.com.

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