Peter Greenaway presents modern-day Royals at Raffles, as you’ve never seen them before


Raffles Hotels & Resorts unveils Hotel Royalty Since 1887, a brand campaign and movie masterpiece featuring a diverse and never-before-seen cast of modern-day royals, by celebrated film director and artist, Peter Greenaway. Renowned for his evocative films with striking imagery, Greenaway brings his powerful vision to this collaboration, the first commercial project of his career. The film pays tribute to the brand’s storied history and prestige through an innovative, emotive, offbeat, and atypical lens – modernising hotel royalty through a multi-generational cast that have always considered Raffles their luxury brand of choice.

The new film is designed to reinterpret the golden age of travel, with each vignette emulating a painting, layered with saturated colours and textures that feel exotic and daring, yet also familiar. Filmed and shot at Raffles Singapore, the birthplace of the brand, Greenaway has clearly drawn from the fundamental spirit of Raffles, showcasing the extraordinary experience the brand provides. Inspired by Raffles’ philosophy of true luxury being not only about what you do, but also about how you feel, the film highlights the brand’s position as a destination for the well-travelled; a meeting point for many cultures, infused with international influences, where stories are told, and legends are made.

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