David Brown Automotive delivers the first customer Mini eMastered model to music mogul, Simon Cowell


In this film, we join world-renowned music mogul and television star, Simon Cowell, as he takes delivery of one of the very first customer examples of the all-new, all-electric Mini eMastered from David Brown Automotive.  A classic Mini, but luxuriously remastered and designed for the roads of today and tomorrow, Cowell’s bespoke, highly personalised Mini eMastered model effortlessly blends British craftsmanship and engineering innovation with timeless design and total luxury, and has been hand-built from the ground up, over the course of hundreds of hours.  “This has always been my dream car.  It was on my wish list; one day I wanted to have a classic Mini.  I have to say, of all the cars I’ve ever had in my life, this is my favourite, this is a keeper… you know this car has character,” Cowell commented of the car.  “I’ve never ever driven a car in my life which is remotely close to a go-kart, apart from this – it’s brilliant!” he added.  Cowell initially ordered a Mini Remastered from David Brown Automotive but, following its delivery, decided he wanted to modernise it further, with an all-electric powertrain.  The car is now fitted with a whisper-quiet, clean, and effortlessly powerful all-electric drivetrain, making it the ultimate electric city runabout.


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