Join Kristine Tompkins for a Luxury Channel exclusive with wild jaguars in Argentina


For a quarter of a century, with her late husband Douglas Tompkins, conservationist Kristine has worked to conserve and rewild vast areas of our world. Fighting against nature destruction, neglect and exploitation, together the couple purchased more than 2 million acres of land in Chile and Argentina to restore to wilderness.

Kristine is the former CEO of Patagonia Inc., and President and Co-founder of Tompkins Conservation. She is also a UN Environment Patron, recognised for her commitment to protected areas of the planet. Through Tompkins Conservation, Kristine has been instrumental in the creation of 15 new national parks in Chile and Argentina, conserving approximately 15 million acres of terrestrial and 30 million acres of marine wilderness.

The creation of parks is the starting point for the more important restoration and rewilding of their ecosystems to become whole and functional again. This includes bringing back missing species like the jaguar in Argentina or the extremely endangered huemul in Chile, which have key ecological functions.

So what does that mean in reality? In the wetlands of Iberá in Argentina, this requires the re-introduction of jaguars and giant river otters to the land, together with a level of commitment from local people that is almost unprecedented. It’s not enough to buy land, re-introduce species, and reverse damage caused by pollution and deforestation. Rewilding demands a high degree of diplomacy, tact and understanding. It also demands imaginative approaches to human behaviour, and ongoing support for marginalised or often hostile communities. Above all, rewilding calls for dedication – for the long-term dedication of time, money and energy to a massive and unpredictable process that can end in failure. The resolute hope, however, is that the project is one of the greatest successes in nature conservation.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience


Journeys With Purpose and Satopia Travel present a once-in-a-lifetime conservation hosted experience with Kristine Tompkins and wild jaguars at Iberá National Park in Argentina from 18th – 25th September 2022.   There are very limited places available to join this experience, which is by application only.  Please enquire via Journeys With Purpose, or click here to join the guest list.


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About Tompkins Conservation

Since the nineties, the Tompkins Conservation Foundation has purchased more than two million acres of private land in Chile and Argentina, as a donation back to those countries to help establish or expand 14 national parks.

About Satopia Travel

Satopia Travel specialises in unique experiences, led by world-class hosts. Providing guests with unprecedented access to some of the most extraordinary people on the planet, Satopia hosts are world-class leaders who champion the potential for the future of humanity, creating meaningful connections through shared experiences.

Hosted Experiences by Satopia open up a world of freedom and opportunity for guests through a series of carefully designed moments that couldn’t be experienced otherwise.  Every Hosted Experience has an element of giving back, either to a local community, social or environmental cause that adds another layer of meaning to the guest experience.

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Journeys With Purpose provides a series of immersive hosted experiences with inspirational leaders, truly extraordinary “People With Purpose,” created to inform and catalyse the celebration and advancement of nature conservation projects across the world. These experiences are a global curriculum designed around the recovery and conservation of our natural world, with opportunities to participate and collaborate on restoring vibrant landscapes, biodiversity, wildlife and livelihoods.

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