The Cindy Chao “Peony Brooch” is unveiled among the historic jewels in the V&A Museum


Cindy Chao is one of the world’s leading high jewellery artists. In this film, we see her exquisite Black Label Masterpiece XVIII “Peony Brooch,” which was recently inducted into the acclaimed William and Judith Bollinger Gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This one-of-a-kind brooch is made primarily of purple coloured titanium and set with 3153 rubies and diamonds. You can see the exquisite red petals which are graduated in red and contrasted with yellow pistils, completed with a detailed lacquer technique.

The Cindy Chao “Peony Brooch” will be shown among some of the greatest jewels in the world, including the Elizabeth I Armada Jewel and personal jewels once owned by Catherine the Great of Russia and Queen Victoria. To date, Chao is the only Asian female jeweller to have her creation placed in the historic gallery.

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