Cartier calls on director Guy Ritchie to shoot a truly timeless film


In this film for Cartier, director Guy Ritchie cleverly uses the juxtaposition of time to show Rami Malek taking pictures with vintage cameras of a young Catherine Deneuve.  The film develops through “time,” with Malek eventually shown on set surrounded by the high-tech cameras more familiar to modern movie crews.  Interwoven in the film is the jewellery maison’s Tank Française, a timepiece that was immediately popular for its timeless elegance.  With the subtle suggestion that a Cartier watch is a timeless piece, the Tank Française appears on Malek’s wrist at the beginning of the film, and culminates with Deneuve passing him in a limousine, checking the time of her own watch, and giving him a nod of approval as she does so.

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