Rolls-Royce Boat Tail II – a breath-taking second release from the coach-building brand




By Leonora Smee

With the launch of the new Boat Tail II, Rolls-Royce has blown every expectation of luxury out of the water by creating this spectacular piece of art.  Features typical of Rolls-Royce have been applied throughout the car, such as the famous Rolls grill, yet its elegance and subtlety are what make this car so spectacular.

Conversations about Boat Tail first began in 2017, when the marque’s designers worked to further build relationships with clients by trying to truly understand what they might be looking for in a car.  Developing this friendship and trust is the reason why the marque has consistently performed so well.

This is the second Boat Tail to ever be realised, but the last one to ever be revealed publicly.  I felt extremely honoured to attend a very exclusive unveiling at Rolls-Royce’s beautiful Goodwood facility, particularly as she will soon be delivered to her new owner, a client who worked with the marque to achieve the finished product.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that the client is a patron of the arts – he is said to be widely travelled, internationally educated and cosmopolitan in his tastes, and his extensive knowledge of luxury, and all that it confers, was clearly visible in this car.

Boat Tail II is nothing short of breath-taking.  Personalised to the tastes of her owner, every single piece of the car is fully bespoke with many intricate details, but it is the silhouette, with its soft lines, that I thought was simply majestic.  Entirely built by hand, her distinctive outline was inspired by the racing yachts of the early 20th century but in every respect, she is utterly unique.

Boat Tail II pays homage to the client’s family business, in the pearling industry.  Mother-of-pearl has been used throughout the car, such as in the dashboard and for the clock, and even the interior leathers have been completed with a pearlescent finish.  What makes this so special is that right at the onset of the commissioning process, the client supplied Rolls-Royce with a selection of pearl shells from his personal collection, chosen for their unique colour and complexity.  The shells in turn provided the inspiration for the exterior colour, which is one of the marque’s most complex bespoke finishes.  Mica flakes – almost akin to crushed pearls – were used in the paintwork, so that the car glistens spectacularly in the light.

As well as pearls, Boat Tail II also features a myriad of wonderful wood detailing throughout the car – no more so is this apparent than in the rear deck.  Made with Royal Walnut veneer and inlaid with rose gold-plated pinstripes, words simply cannot do justice to this hosting suite, with fridges for food and drinks making the car the perfect vehicle for luxurious, lazy picnics in the sunshine, complete with an in-built parasol and stools.

Coming around to the front of the car, no Rolls-Royce would be complete without the Spirit of Ecstasy prone on the bonnet, and Boat Tail II boasts a rose gold example, with a subtle satin-effect finish.

The mixture of rose gold, delicate wood and smooth pearl accents creates a very tonal feeling, yet every time I looked at this car, I saw something that simply took my breath away.  The attention to detail is phenomenal, resulting in a truly exceptional motor car.  Boat Tail II exudes an effortless elegance, yet the authority she demands is magnificent.  She is truly one-of-a-kind, and the very essence of luxury.

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