The Bentley GT Speed Continental Drift gets put through its paces in an abandoned air base


In this short and unique film, shot in an abandoned NATO air base in Sicily, the Bentley GT Speed Continental Drift is put through its paces. With scenes of dust and the atmosphere of an outback cowboy station by automotive film-maker David Hale, this film is reminiscent of Clint Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter movie.

For the shoot, Bentley converted the abandoned NATO base (previously known as Comiso Air Station) into a gymkhana-style track. Originally built in 1936, Comiso was rebuilt in the 1980s as the home to 112 Ground Launched Cruise Missiles, each with a nuclear warhead, and was the largest NATO air base in southern Europe. Abandoned almost 30 years ago and having been slowly reclaimed by nature ever since, Comiso proved to be the ideal place to create a safe yet challenging environment to demonstrate the performance credentials of the GT Speed.

A great display of Bentley’s heritage, the film showcases the Continental Drift’s talents as a fast and dynamic four-seat Grand Tourer. The 1952 R-Type Continental seen at the start and end of the film is Bentley’s own car from its Heritage Collection – which, in its day, was the fastest four-seat car in the world.

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