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Celebrating ten years of Helping Rhinos


The rhino is one of the most critically endangered species on earth. At the turn of the 20th century, over 500,000 rhinos could be found roaming across Africa and Asia. Today however, the devastating rise in poaching for rhino horn, combined with loss of habitat, has decimated the rhino population. There are currently only around 26,000 rhinos left in the wild.

Fuelled by his love of rhinos and horrified at the unprecedented level of rhino poaching, Simon Jones gave up his 25-year corporate career and founded international NGO, Helping Rhinos. Working predominantly in Africa, Helping Rhinos’ goal is to restore and rewild degraded landscapes that provide the best possible security to reduce the risk of poaching, whilst being large enough to allow the rhino and all other wildlife to demonstrate natural behaviours.

Celebrating a decade of working to protect the rhino in its natural habitat, take a look back at some of the charity’s successes in this film, as the charity shares its vision for the future of this iconic herbivore.

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