Gardening bohemia – discovering the beauty of the painterly garden at Charleston


To coincide with the Gardening Bohemia: Bloomsbury Women Outdoors exhibition, filmmakers visited Charleston in Sussex, to meet the property’s head gardener, Harry Hoblyn.   Artist Vanessa Bell shared the farmhouse, studio and garden at Charleston with her partner, fellow Bloomsbury group artist Duncan Grant, while her sister – author Virginia Woolf – lived nearby at Monk’s House.  Charleston therefore became a gathering place for friends, and a sanctuary for experimental thinking, art, gardening and writing.

Gardening Bohemia runs until 29th September 2024 at the Garden Museum, located on the banks of the River Thames, next to Lambeth Palace in London.  The Museum is presenting the first exhibition exploring the gardens of the Bloomsbury group.  To find out more, go to:  To find out more about, go to:

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