Giles Fuchs talks about his life and latest venture, Gunner – a drink for saints and sinners!


Giles Fuchs speaks to Fiona Sanderson for the Class Acts podcast series….

Giles Fuchs, a serial entrepreneur, started his own company property company at the age of 21, and with a few ups and downs along the way, he now owns a highly successful portfolio of businesses, including Office Space in Town, a hotel and more recently, Gunner cocktails.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and sporting a great moustache, he fits the very essence of a hotel owner from the 1920s.  A chance meeting led him on to the purchase of the famous art deco Burgh Island in the South of England.  We talk to him about the hotel’s makeover, his latest drinks venture for saints and sinners, and saving the environment.  An inspiring and fascinating man who makes things happen….

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