Rolls-Royce Boat Tail 3 minutes 32 seconds

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled the first model in a trilogy of unique Rolls-Royce Coachbuild cars bearing the name “Boat Tail.” The most ambitious coachbuilt car yet, Boat Tail is the product of four intensive years of creation.

Rolls-Royce created the modern coachbuilding movement with Sweptail in 2017. This motor car set a new watermark of potential and ignited a fascination among collectors, patrons of the arts and commissioning clients of now-iconic architecture. These men and women approached Rolls-Royce to discover if they too might collaborate on a project even more profound. This was the genesis of Rolls-Royce Coachbuild – a now permanent fixture in Rolls-Royce’s future portfolio.

Within this group, it emerged that three potential patrons shared a deep appreciation of contemporary nautical design with J Class yachts frequently referenced as points of inspiration. Meanwhile, it had been a long-held ambition for the design team within Rolls-Royce to create a contemporary expression of the Boat Tail typology where coachbuilders would graft the hull of sailing boats to the chassis of a Rolls-Royce. An agreement was made that three motor cars would be created sharing a common body style, but each would be highly personal, reflecting the confluence between vision, capability and ambition of the marque and commissioning patron.