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Stay Green This Season By The Luxury Channel

Eco-friendly food and accessories to make you stand out from the crowd this English Summer.

Stay Green

Pineberries At Wimbledon

Whatever happens at Wimbledon this year, come rain or shine, victory or (fairly certain) defeat, you can cut a swathe in the most unlikely of areas: fruit. Strawberries are soooo last year darling, didn’t you know? Show off your ‘‘food-forward’’ credentials and pop open a punnet of pineberries this year. Available from Waitrose, they look like pale strawberries but taste like pineapple! They were recently saved from extinction by Dutch farmers in South America – hoorah!

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Beyond Skin’s Red Pumps At Music Festivals

Revel and relish in the natural beauty of the countryside at a music festival. However, to dance the night away you’ll need the right shoes – we love Beyond Skin’s bright red pumps that are made from….wait for it….recycled bottle tops!

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Scullcandy Earphones At The Polo

Polo has enjoyed a real come-back in recent years. To get in the mood and catch up with the latest tunes, there’s nothing better for your ears (or the environment!) than these gorgeous Skullcandy earphones – they’re the only ones in the world to be made from wood and come in their own little hemp pouch.

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Hampers At Henley Royal Regatta

Picnic in style on the banks of the Thames as you watch a plethora of muscular young men row by. You know where to get your organic food, but be sure not to use lots of those horrid plastic utensils that just fill up tips all over the country. Instead, pick up a good quality hamper that you can use over and over again for years to come. Try the Natural Wine Lovers Picnic Hamper from Fortnum & Mason – it’s just £115.

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Stay Green

And On The Seventh Day….

Just relax at home on this gorgeous sofa from Bokja Designs! These great pieces are made by Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, a Beirut-based design duo who share a love of antiques and vintage furniture, as well as a passion for ancient textiles and tapestries from the Levant and countries along the Silk Road. They work with artisans to ensure their precious skills are preserved, while encouraging the sustainable use of available materials.

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India Business Forum 2010 By The Luxury Channel

A conference is being held at Christies’ in St James’, London on the 22nd July 2010 highlighting the significant opportunities for both Indian and UK companies in the emerging sectors of sports, lifestyle and luxury in India.


India’s enormous economic strides have made global headlines and some of the new sectors that will continue this growth are sports, lifestyle and luxury.

IPL has made cricket into a billion-dollar sport and luxury brands such as Armani, Versace, Rolls-Royce and Cartier already well-established in India. However these are nascent markets with huge growth potential and many opportunities for both Indian and UK companies with expertise to work together in the coming years.

High profile speakers from these industries will outline the current situation in these sectors and highlight the significant opportunities for both Indian and UK companies.

Attendees will include business executives, Government representatives, sports rights owners, media and luxury brands, from both Indian and the UK. There will be Keynote speeches, panel sessions and interactive questions and answers from delegates followed by a cocktail reception with networking opportunities.

Confirmed speakers including the following:

Amin Jaffer, Director, Indian Art, Christie’s

Subodh Agrawal, Founder, Euro Max Capital

Tushar Das Ghose, Microsoft, Strategic partner consultant

Fiona Sanderson, Managing Director, the Luxury Channel

Ishan Saksena, Chairman, QPR FC

Arunava Chaudhuri, CEO,

Ridhika Batra, UK Director, (FICCI)

Ashis Ray, Journalist and author

Farid Haque, Global Markets, Accenture

Sangeeta Datta, Film Producer

Vijay Goel, Partner, Singhania

For more information and to book your tickets please contact Renu Sen on 0870 404 4100 or

Quote The Luxury Channel and receive a preferential rate on your ticket price.

We look forward to seeing you there.