Head-To-Toe Bridal Beauty By Fiona Sanderson

The latest statistics released reveal that there were 239,020 marriages between opposite-sex couples held in 2015. That’s over a quarter of a million couples who made plans for their wedding. We were interested, however, in all the preparations that take place when people prepare their looks for the big day.

We talked to two leading medical directors, Dr. Amanda Wong-Powell and Terry Loong, who has over 10 years’ experience in the aesthetic industry restoring youthful features for both women and men, and asked them what you should do for your wedding day.

Their clinic, W One Knightsbridge, prides itself on world-class service, innovative treatments and an internationally renowned team of practitioners. The focus? Integrity, efficacy and transparency. Think less is their approach to aesthetics. They have an extensive treatment list that offers comprehensive plans tailored to suit couples and individuals, getting married and going on honeymoon and their procedures range from, but are not limited to, laser facials, facial rejuvenation, peels, botox, dermal fillers, intravenous drips, non-surgical body treatments, and detox plans.

What should you do if you are in your twenties and preparing for your wedding?

If you are getting married at a younger age, the treatments you will be looking at will be very different compared to an older person. You will want your skin to really glow on the day because you won’t be putting much make-up on, and you’ll want to look quite natural. You can do subtle little things like lips – you can make a little tweak to the lips if you want them a little poutier. Depending on your skin type or stress levels, or even your hormones due to the pill, you might have acne or pigmentation. These are all things we would assess in an initial consultation. You need to have at least 6 months of proper skincare in advance and we can give you all this advice well beforehand. It’s more about preparation of the skin with very little treatment of botox. We might suggest skin peels or medical facials, so we’re really getting the skin clean and we can do skin resurfacing for acne or acne scars with either a skin peel or lasers. Whatever we do, we only treat patients very gently and naturally, so it doesn’t look overdone. So it’s just to make the younger person look perkier and brighter on the day.

In terms of diet, we also give vitamin infusions for the younger patient to get themselves ready and hydrated, giving them a little more energy. Depending on the person, it’s very bespoke, so we might do a blood test to see what you are lacking in your diet. Generally, that might include things like magnesium, vitamins B and C, calcium, or zinc. This is better than taking masses amounts of vitamin pills, as it is injected straight into your veins and blood stream. If you take pills, a lot of it is not digested and taken into the blood stream itself, and a lot of the vitamins are destroyed by the acid in your stomach. With an injection, the vitamins are 100% absorbed. The Vitamin C that we put into a vial is like sitting down and eating 50 oranges. The best time is to have this is 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your wedding or honeymoon. It’s important to always use a good skin cream with SPF with a minimum factor 35, so that you are still getting the right amount of Vitamin D. It’s important to realise that skincare is life-long and even in the seasons, you have to use different products to cope with the weather changes.

What are the important preparation steps for the older bride?

The important things to concentrate on are the hands, neck, décolleté, and jawline. For the older women, they may want surgery, but we would advise that this happens a year ahead of their wedding with a minimum of 6 months for a breast enhancement. Then the non-surgical things that you could look at are botox but if you have never had it before, we suggest you have it at least 6 months beforehand to wait for it to wear off and then a month before the wedding, you’d come back and have it again, so that we know which areas will need it the most and which areas we need to tweak so it looks natural and you are used to it. You can also have threads which are a non-surgical version of having a facelift. These are very popular and ideally you have it at least 6 months beforehand, or 2 months beforehand at the very latest. Where an older patient may have lost volume in their face, we might use collagen stimulating filler and that needs time to make it work. The day before the wedding, we can do a “Red Carpet Facial,” so it’s all about the skin’s glow. It looks so good that you don’t need much make-up.

For a man’s skincare, what would you recommend?

For men, the preparation of the skin is the same. Like women, we want them to look natural but, in some cases, they do want Brotox (the male equivalent of female botox!) along the frown line or in the forehead. Again, it’s about softening. If they have in-growing hairs or spots, we would treat that too. We can offer wedding packages for couples and that works really well and can be great fun.

What do you believe you offer at W One Knightsbridge that is unique compared to other beauty specialists?

We have a lot of treatments but we make sure you look natural, and therefore we understand the importance of this. If people look at us in the street, they wouldn’t think that we have had a lot of treatments and that’s key. Recently, I saw a lady in the street who clearly had overdone her lips and she really stood out in the crowd. My husband even said I should give my card to the lady to see if we could help her out! So, it’s about understanding your patient and keeping her young but natural which is very different to a lot of other clinics in terms of their ethics. We are not about a short-term gain, or getting you to spend thousands of pounds here and now – it’s about spending money on the right products and creating that long-lasting relationship, holding each other’s hands for the future.

If you are planning your wedding and are interested in some top-to-toe bridal beauty, visit www.woneknightsbridge.com for more information.