• Luxury Mobile Manufacturer
    Founded in 1998
    President: Perry Oosting

Company Overview

Vertu is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of handcrafted mobile phones for the luxury market. The company was established in 1998 and unveiled its first product in 2002. There are three distinct collections – Vertu Signature, Vertu Ascent and Vertu Constellation. These are assembled by hand at the company’s headquarters in England. Vertu is available exclusively in over 600 of the finest watch, jewellery and department stores and Vertu boutiques around the world.

Brand Philosphy

Vertu is a pioneering brand that created the luxury mobile phone sector in 2002 with the launch of its distinctive Signature Collection. Born from an obsession to create the finest mobile phones the world has ever seen, Vertu has combined exceptional materials with the highest traditions of craftsmanship.


Company History

The initial idea for the world’s first luxury mobile phone was conceived in 1998 by Frank Nuovo, who was inspired by the world of watches and fine jewellery. To make the Vertu dream a reality a hand picked team of specialists were brought together to begin a programme of painstaking research and development. After four years the result was the Signature phone, a masterpiece in craftsmanship, launched in Paris in 2002.

Today, Vertu offers three distinct collections – Vertu Signature, Vertu Ascent and Vertu Constellation. The inspiration behind each collection has taken cues from timeless examples of classic aircraft, beautiful sports cars and grand complication timepieces. As Vertu has developed and grown, each new collection has complemented existing designs and reinforced the unmistable style and extraordinary design quality of the Vertu brand.


Vertu Signature

Inspired by grand complication timepieces and the finest jewellery. Signature is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Vertu Ascent

Inspired by the sculptural lines of big-engined supercars, the Vertu Ascent collection is unmistakably built for power and performance. Every component is engineered for strength.

Vertu Constellation

Timeless, distinctive and authentic; in the Constellation, Vertu has created a classic model that is combines style with practicality and function with form.

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