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Interior designer Kelly Hoppen shares her interior trend predictions for the year….

Writing trends for 2021 could seem, in some ways, trivial and unimportant, given the world we are living in right now. However, for many of us, the home has been integral to this year, and will continue to be the site for innovative and exciting interior design as COVID-19 continues to change the demands for our living spaces. We are becoming increasingly more focused on sustainable and conscious living, and in 2021 the main trends in interior design will reflect these ever important priorities. Over these past months, we have all learned so much about how we use our homes, and one of the prominent things that has emerged is learning how to live harmoniously with other people in your space. ‘Zoning’ your home into various spaces for different activities is a design concept I have talked about before; however, this year it has come to the forefront as an authentic solution to the creating multi-functional homes. Designers will move away from open-plan homes, and those with open-plan spaces already will prioritise storage, in order to allow for home offices, study spaces or gym equipment to be packed away and replaced by another function. Using Crittall windows will facilitate zoning whilst also acting as a beautiful internal feature – they will also help add a modern touch to an older property.

One of the key trends of 2021 will focus on hygiene. At Kelly Hoppen Interiors, we have worked in Asia for 25 years, and I believe that we will see the UK and the rest of the world adopt these hygienic design measures. Designers will factor specifically dedicated rooms for washing and sanitising into their projects, and utilise more easy-to-clean materials with minimal grooves or indentations. The necessity of having facemasks, sanitisers and shoe covers in the house will mean more of us investing in beautiful baskets or vases to store these essentials in a stylish way.

After a year in which we have spent an unprecedented amount of time in the home, it’s become apparent that the home should be a functional sanctuary which is practical, comfortable and brings joy. In 2021, homes will be designed to be an authentic reflection of the individual, expressed through more personalised art and quirky features. With the kitchen, now more than ever, being the heart of the home, interiors are moving towards authenticity and practicality, and away from the traditional nature of the dining room.

Whilst wood, stone and marble will remain popular, flooring will see rugs and carpets making a comeback in our living spaces. This furnishing brings softness and warmth by utilising unique texture combinations which haven’t entered the mainstream before. Weaving innovative combinations of luxurious materials into rugs has been something I have already embarked upon this year with my Loloey rug collection, which combines exquisite silk, linen and fabrics with classic merino wool. For all soft furnishings, strong geometric shapes will be used in conjunction with fluid and dynamic lines to bring balance to interiors.

Of course, neutrals will continue to be the foundational palette for modern yet timeless and elegant interiors. Warm and cool neutrals will act as the grounding base for the home, whilst strong accent colours will inject fun and character into rooms without being overwhelming. I am personally excited to experiment with vibrant touches of Emperor Yellow, Burnt Orange and Aqua Blue, alongside classic accents of gold and silver.

2021 will be the year of the statement piece, and lighting will be a key element of this. Huge centre ceiling lights will be popular, and will be paired with hidden up-lighting for a warmer glow in bedrooms and living rooms. Hanging lights are a beautiful way to make an impact in a room, whilst still offering a soft and homely feel. Larger beds will create a statement and make a bedroom appear bigger, whilst fulfilling our need for comfort. There are incredible statement pieces to be found in vintage shops; with the urgency for sustainable living growing, investing in antique items will become an increasingly popular and resourceful way to reuse and recycle when curating a space.

As we spend more time outdoors with friends and family, our gardens will take centre stage as a safe place where we can see loved ones. As such, people will invest more time curating a practical and aesthetically pleasing outside space into the perfect socialising, relaxing and leisure area. The priorities of home buyers will also change to focus more on outdoor space, following this year’s need and newfound appreciation for the great outdoors.

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