Escape to Chateau Denmark, inspired by the birthplace of the British music scene


Inspired by the birthplace of the British music scene, Chateau Denmark – a re-imagined perspective on the apartment/hotel experience opening in London’s famous Denmark Street – will boldly reflect the creative expression of its location, capturing a sense of escapism throughout its 55 rooms and apartments, and embracing Soho’s spirited and creative culture.

Denmark street, well documented in history, is where The Rolling Stones recorded their first album, Jimi Hendrix often frequented, the Sex Pistols once lived, Chrissie Hynde spent time and of course, where many believe Ziggy Stardust was born.

With a strong sense of place, Chateau Denmark balances striking architectural detail, rich cultural heritage and modern craftsmanship. The rooms are set across 16 characterful buildings in and around Denmark Street, a place with possibly the only thoroughfare in central London to have retained its original 17th century facades on both sides. Many of the buildings’ original features have been lovingly restored to reflect their original time and place.

Designed by renowned interiors team Taylor Howes, the overall design narrative invokes a time where punk, rock and gothic meets grandeur and psychedelia. Affectionately nicknamed ‘‘session rooms,’’ many of the 55 rooms have their own individual stories referencing musical and other lengthy happenings that once took place on the street – best described as a figurative journey through Denmark Street’s prolific days. ‘‘Vintage Gothic’’ captures a particular charm and presents dramatic intrigue, while ‘‘Timeless Grandeur’’ offers an opulent and indulgent Victorian-era aesthetic. ‘‘Modern Psychedelia’’ brings London’s swinging 60s to life through texture, finishes and striking palettes. ‘‘Punk Now’’ is a modern interpretation of the raw, anti-establishment movement, presenting the irreverent side of being far less than authoritarian.

Following the sentiment of creative expression and taking leave of the rule book, Chateau Denmark presents a fresher, re-imagined perspective on travel. Challenging convention, signature rooms will feature maxi-bars, not minibars – perfect for hosting, ghosting and other illustrious pursuits. Design hues will blend with cultural cues to challenge guests’ expectations and offer freedom through a more frictionless approach to hospitality.

Chateau Denmark is about people – both where they’ve come from and where they’re going – and will dial up the eccentricities and quirks to reveal a new perspective on the modern guest experience, one that is utterly accessible and thoroughly inclusive.

Denmark Street’s heritage positions it as a place where over the years publishers, musicians, studios and guitar shops Hank’s, Sixty Sixty Sounds, Regent Sounds Studio, No.Tom, Wunjo and Rose Morris have all gathered. Denmark Street was where it all began, and together with the music stores and its impassioned locals, Chateau Denmark will seek to play its role in continuing the street’s iconic legacy.

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