De-siderio – a virtual constellation conceived by Studiopepe


Studiopepe’s Manifesto Projects have always been an occasion to ask questions. Each Manifesto is unique, but they all share Studiopepe’s design vision. In these challenging times, however, questions are necessary – and for this reason, the design agency has focused its attention this year on a concept related to a more mental dimension, “De-siderio” (or “Desire” in English). The word desiderio is composed of the Latin prefix “de-” (meaning “lack of”) and the word “sidus,” which literally means “star.” To desire something literally means “to lack stars,” or to “feel a lack of stars” – in other words, to feel that something is wanting, and therefore to foster a sentiment of passionate seeking.

De-siderio is the name Studiopepe has given to their imagined constellation – a constellation made up of all thei projects they have designed this year, involving formal research on materials, and analysis of signs and language. It’s no longer a physical place that reflects their projects, but an imaginary architecture created in order to connect projects, told through a video presented by Fuorisalone, that uses the poetic and synaesthetic language typical of art, creating references, connections, dialogues, analogies. Desiderio is essentially what keeps Studiopepe’s founders Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto constantly curious, in their very human research for conjunction and beauty. |

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